Friday, January 9, 2015

A free form wire wrapped pendant !

green glass cabochon , wire wrapped pendant

My first free form wire wrap pendant . Was tough to complete as I had no prior knowledge of the kind of wires to use and wrapping around the fragile glass cabochon was difficult . Since not knowing the correct type of wire to use , I and wrongly chosen hard brass wire as the base . It became even more stiff after weaving and so it was difficult to coil aruond the glass focal . Applying pressure to turn it was not a choice as it would break the fragile  glass . ( though I did accidentally chip off the point at the corner .)  But all in all it has turned out well I think .

faceted glass cabochon

wire wrap pendant

coiling gizmo

So what do you say?

Ciao for now . will be back with my next project soon so do drop by



  1. I saw it on facebook and loved it. Its a great first attempt. I think more than the wire type and material, you must choose the right gauge-temper combination. Use a 20 or even 22 half hard but choose dead soft if your are picking 18g and above

  2. Thanks Divya for commenting
    I agree , the right gauge as well as the type of wire makes a perfect combination . But alas , I was unable to find the wires of my requirement and satisfaction . And in my impatience to make this pendant, I jumped into making it only realizing the outcome when assembling the pendant :(

  3. Wonderful designs, Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this. :-)
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