Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bead peeps Swap N Hop

   A big hello to all my blog readers !  As you must have guessed , this post is about a Swap N Hop challenge I`ve  joined . A first time for me with lots of  members of the Bead Peeps group on facebook , I`m looking forward to it with excitement and a bit of apprehension.
   Talking about me I`m a total Jewelry freak , I love making , collecting and wearing jewelry in any material from fine jewelry to upcycled and junk!! - and expensive hobby I found . And so to add to my collection I started making pieces for myself.
     My interest in making jewelry started in my childhood when I used to see and help my mom run her jewelry business from home in the seventies. Back in those days , I thought she was only selling jewelry as I proudly told people , little realizing the creative input she put into each and every piece she wove or strung for her small group of clients.(you call them designers now!  )  Patiently she would explain and teach me the process of creating a necklace that she made , urging me to try my hand at making another one . Since then , when I look back I can see how much she has been responsible for cultivating my hobby. And today I not only string pieces , but weave , bead embroider, wire wrap and even create pieces using metal sheets .  It thrills me to try new techniques and I want to create something unique for myself all the time. Yes you guessed it right ! I make jewellery for myself mostly , but when siblings or family press , I do make some for them too.

I don`t have a particular style , but when I see the photos of my own creations ,as I am seeing right now , I think I love using seed beads the most . And so do I like the bohemian style and a bit of tribal bling , for I think it matches with the Indian outfits I usually wear. Bold , bright colors and contrasting  are what I chose because I match them to my wardrobe but pastels or even sombre colors are not disliked.

 As the process of  assigning partners is on for the challenge , I`m quite excited and am waiting eagerly to know who my partner is going to be . It is going to be a great adventure of learning , meeting new friends and seeing all the inspiring creations that everyone comes up with .

Hugs from motidana
                          ( that`s my virtual name )  


  1. Hello Motidana:
    I loved exploring your blog and looking at your jewelry. You have great wire wrapping skills, and I admire your jewelry style. I'm looking forward to the Swap n Hop, too.

    1. Thanks Louise for stopping by ! Glad you liked my blog . Looking forward to seeing more of your creations......


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