Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015

french knitting tool

                                         Welcome 2015....................................

    Wish you all a wonderful day and year filled with goodness, prosperity, health and laughter and of course lots of inspiration and creativity!!!

 Back from a long winter break...let the jewellery making  begin!

viking knit

   It`s going to be a year filled with lots of creative explorations  . On the  New year resolution list , the first thing that`s going to be  is to learn new techniques in jewellery making and of course practice and better the other skills that  have been already learnt ! 
 Next on the list is bettering my photography skills . No matter how many attempts I make , I feel that the photos don`t come out the way they look in real . I`m never happy with the results , so I do need to improve in that skill . 
 And the third agenda that`s going to be on my list is to get more confident in my  computer operating skills ! After all , I have to increase my blogging presence this year and making lots of new friends , and of course keep in touch with all of you too

wire wrap bling

So these are the things on my to-do list for 2015 . What are your plans for the year ahead ? 
Looking forward to hearing about your plans for the year ahead. 



  1. happy new year to you and the family, good to see you have some goals, today I will make some plans too whether I keep to them will be a different matter

    1. Thanks for stopping by Margaret . I too have had lapses in the past but then New year comes with it`s own freshness and with that a new freshness of energy so we start all over again :)

  2. happen to pass by your blog you have a brilliant blog.Your jewelleries are awesome.Keep going

  3. The jewles are just superb. The design, texture and color contrast all are perfect. Awesome post. Keep posting with lots more.


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