Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peacock ! A designer`s eternal delight ! Part 4

   Knowing my penchant for the traditional motifs used in Indian designs , my mother gifted me with this beautiful pair of embroidered peacock applique motifs that she picked in a local crafts bazaar .

aari work , peacock motif, Indian embroidery
 Wow ! so beautiful ..... , and though I would love to create a piece of embroidery by maybe adding a few details, I shelved the project for another time.
   For now , in  continuation to the  previous posts on  Peacock - nature`s most unique design inspiration , I thought of sharing  a post on  the  different forms of this beautiful bird and it`s use in  Indian Jewellery .

  Indian Jewellery is different and unique to each region of India. Techniques of making it also vary  from hand chiseled , embossed, enameled , to filigree and stone setting. The variety of traditional motifs and designs used is limitless and Indian craftsmen excel in trying to produce unique designs ,when they handcraft these masterpieces.
Peacock , the most frequently used motif  is an ever favourite of Jewellers and  women alike and here are some jewellery  pieces that  have are made into jewellery  from  different regions of India.

peacock pendant and earrings

                                              a beautiful silver set with peacocks from rajasthan

a closeup of the intricate detailing.
enamel work peacock pendant
                                              minakari peacock pendant from Rajasthan

enamel work peacock kadas
                                                     A pair of  jadau kadas from Rajasthan

                                  Tribal necklace with peacock pendant in silver from Gujarat.

vintage peacock pin - enameled

            a vintage saree pin from Nathdwara in Rajasthan. Though the enamel has worn off , notice the beautiful shading in the enamel.

peacock brooch in filigree from Karimnagar , Andhra Pradesh

another peacock pin from Karimnagar , Andhra Pradesh. This place is known for its beautiful filigree craftsmanship in Silver

peacock jhumkis enamelled from Rajasthan

These lac filled peacock earrings from Rajasthan are made by fusing a thin layer of enamel on a base of lac. The intricate design is hand created and stones are set in the heated lac to create this type of delicate jewellery.It needs  very experienced hands to fuse such a fine layer of enamel

made using the same technique , these pieces can be strung into  five row collar or necklace.
lovely hair decoration from India

               peacock hair accessory in pachikaam a technique where uncut stones are set in bezel technique.

vintage hair decoration , enamel , from India
another vintage hair accessory , this piece has a slightly embossed enamelling done . Wonder how they did that!  

peacock motif minakari juda  or key holder from India

       a vintage enamelled peacock key holder . The tiny bells tinkle softly when worn , tucked in the saree waistline.

kundan pendant with peacock design
a delicate ruby neckpiece with kundan peacock pair .

Mahalakshmi necklace in rubies and gold
            my Mahalakshmi necklace ,with a  vintage sample of peacock motifs used for temple jewelry

tribal earrings with peacock motif in silver with onyx

                                                  a pair of tribal earrings in silver with onyx

Though there are still a few more  pieces in my collection that I would love to share with you , I`ll limit the post with these for now.
 Don`t you share my opinion that there is such a vast variety of the same motif  but in different forms in Indian Jewellery? Do drop in a line .

Signing off for now , but will be back with more !


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  1. Even I'm crazy peacock designs , your collection is Fabulous

  2. you certainly have a beautiful selection of peacock jewellery, the peacock is so colourful, I remember the first time I saw him dispaying his feathers, a most wonderful sight to behold. Although so colourful the jewellery that is just silver is still very beasutiful

  3. thank you Margaret. Yes , it`s the breathtaking beauty of this bird is what makes it so special to us all .

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wow...a breathtaking collection...I really love the first silver one...and I had never seen a peacock Pachikkam before..beauty!! and the heat enamelled peacock..beautiful. It was fantastic seeing all these
    PS: your jewelry photography has been very very good...kudos :) :)


  6. Thanks Divya . Glad you liked the collection And the 1st set is my favourite too. Love to wear it every now and then .

  7. Peacocks! One of my favorite motifs. Enjoyed viewing the collection.

  8. peacocks are really beautiful and the jewelries are fabulous too. could you tell where can i get those silver peacock jewelries from? like the first one you have, i really loved that one.

  9. i really loved the first one. It is very uncommon and awesome. peacocks are beautiful and the jewelries are fabulous....can you tell me where can i buy those from online? pretty those are..

  10. Ananya Arts offering Rajasthani Jadau Jewellery, Painting base jewellery, buddha tanjore jewellery, Traditional Tanjore Jewellery and more. For more details call us: 9873261820 and visit our website http://www.ananyaarts.com

  11. Hello...I think your silver pendant from Rajasthan with the peacocks is beautiful. Could you please tell me approximately how much it costs or the value? I would really appreciate it. Thank you. My e-mail address is lagunasandra@aol.com


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