Monday, July 2, 2018

The beautiful Beadwork of Gujarat

Vintage beadwork from Gujarat. A beautiful set of ‘Shrifal’ (coconut) and ‘Indhoni’ carried in auspicious occasions by women of the family. This one has been beaded in early 1910’ as a part of a wedding dowry. The threads have given away in the Shrifal but the indhoni is in a better shape except for the fringe and the tassel that hangs at the bottom. . Judging from the colours and size of the beads, it is possible that both were not beaded at the same time.
Also is a pair of beaded wooden sticks . Possibly a part of the ‘Gilli -danda ‘ set , an Indian version of a game similar to Polo. The small size signifies that it belongs to the family deity and was taken out on occasions such as Janmashtami, Ramnavmi etc.Have yet to find the balls of this set which are also beaded.

Vintage beadwork

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

The 4th Bead Peeps Swap N Hop Reveal 2018

That happy dance moment when the project you've been working on for what feels like an eternity is finally, unequivocally, done. Done!

First of all a glimpse at the goodies I got from my partner. Mainly lots of seed beads, some pearls, some very beautiful  superduo`s in double shade, a lovely cab that Deborah  has carved and polished herself, A beautiful  dragonfly, a beach inspired trinket box and some pretty star fish inside. And loads of inspiring and encouraging  notes, one with every article, handwritten, sealed and numbered and packed meticulously inside the box. Wow Deborah, you`ve amazed me and thrilled me with this gesture of yours.  Can`t even describe the excitement I felt when I opened your each little surprise!!

 Deborah is very fond of Dragon flies, so each little item has been carefully wrapped and labeled with a cute little dragon fly, Wow!
  My dear Deborah - I can't thank you enough for being my partner and for sending me such  exquisite goodies . Have been awed by your meticulous packing, and the way in which you described each item you sent. The focal that you have carved and polished is so special to me, that I planned saving up for the last and create something spectacular with it. Absolutely beautiful cab! I never knew the work that went into creating one. I truly appreciate your generosity in parting with the first one you created . Thanks!

The stash is beautiful, and it took me a few weeks of pondering to finally decide how to use it And sadly, I got a bit slow and the reveal date is already here……
But finally , here`s my reveal
My most favourite piece! I instantly fell in love with these Super Duo`s .AB polished and dual color, have never seen anything like these. I can’t tell you how many times I reworked the pendant on this necklace. And I love the end result. Reminds me of the traditional Indian enamel jewellery of Rajasthan.

As soon as I saw the beautiful shades of blue and silver, I knew I wanted to make a necklace in cellini spiral. Always wanted one but never could find the right beads. Either the sizes were not what I required, or the shades all wrong. But these beads were perfect. And the triangle beads are just super, waiting to be flaunted. So I created this necklacein graduating thickness . Tried to click a picture of the beautiful luster  and the iridescence these beads have but don`t know if I have captured it all.
After many  tries I created the focal in netted Super Duo flowers  with  embellishments of creepers in green and blue . Never made one  before so took me a while to get it the way I wanted. …  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to bring out the lovely  tones in these beads  and I wanted to enhance the each bead type  and complement it, so I added some  beads from my own stash  I also added tiny  glass pearls and some light green Swavroski  pearls - some shiny and some with a matte finish for visual interest. Netting the chain however was quick.

 What do you do with star fish? ?  Again a first time for me . After much thought, I finally came up with the idea of  using the seed bead tube of  variegated colors and add starfish as a focal. Once I got working  on the design I planned, I realized that bead embroidery with shibori ribbon would take a long time so decided to weave the necklace instead. Wanted to add some silk, but now that I have finished I think it looks lovely as is.
Although all the designs in my head didn’t get made,  they will be completed as soon as I can and I promise to show you updated versions of the pieces.Have still got a fair amount of beads.....
Here`s a picture of the goodies I sent her You can read all about it on her blog, and view all the wonderful pieces, she has made from this
To see what the other participants in the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop 2018  participants have created   please check out the list below
Enjoy the lovelies everyone has made !

2018 Partner List

Linda Anderson (Hostess)
Hope Smitherman
Terry Jeanette Carter
Rosantia Petkova

Seed Beaders

Thank you for hosting this great blog hop Linda.  I have really enjoyed it! And got to learn so much too !!

Palak Udeshi .

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