Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yet Again - The perky little Parrot

   In context to Indian motifs the parrot plays an important just as the peacock . Wide variety of motifs in different mediums are created using the parrot as inspiration  .

      Here`s another quick project I made using parrot as the focal theme . ( The earlier post can be viewed  here   ).

    The motif style is from Gujarat embroidery, where the embroidery is done in bold blocks of eye-catching and contrasting colors . The stitch I`ve used is herringbone , on  silk fabric. I created the motif by sketching and then duplicating to get a pair of parrots

  Indian Embroidery , herringbone stitch , parrot motif , embroidery of gujarat 

Perky little parrot , Indian Embroidery
                 Now all that remains is a wooden roll on the top so that  it can be hung on a wall .

 will sign off for now

till then happy stitching



  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I like the process of making blocks. Very Cleaver.


  2. Thanks Nicole . I see you are up and about and viewing my blog so I guess you are recovering fast . It will to take your mind off any discomfort and definitely help you in a speedy recovery !
    cheers and a speedy recovery ,

  3. It is beautiful. Black would go well on half white walls.

  4. beautifully stitched and the colours are glorious

    1. Thanks Margaret Yes the colors really stand out because the background is black.


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