Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Medley of Beaded motifs

Of late , I`ve been trying to explore different bead weaving techniques and so have been creating tiny motifs that are different in techniques as well as colors. Some I have created these by sketching up the motifs and then working them with beads and so they might not appear perfect to look at .  But I`m quite pleased with them .

Riot of beaded motifs , beadweaving

Now all I have to decide whether they will be attached to my dresses or saree blouse . And  maybe a  couple of them could be made into a bracelet or necklace . A difficult choice to make as I like them all !

 What do you think ? any favourites?

Do drop in a line .



  1. all very pretty but I am drawn to the green as it is my favourite colour, also the tan coloured pieces are high in my list

  2. Thanks Margaret . I love the tan one`s too . Got the idea from the combination that I used in my Kutch work saree that I posted earlier . Think I`ll stitch them on a matching blouse .

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