Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Precious This Purse !

Well , you guessed it right . This post is all about purses ,  that are precious to me . And I don`t mean  in value  but for the different memories associated with them !

vintage purses , beaded vintage purse, silver purse

       The First one is by far the oldest I have in my collection , a rare mesh purse that I inherited from my husband`s grandmom and probably a century old . Lying in Mom-in-laws cupboard for many years , my interest in this purse was sparked only a decade ago when I happened to see it in one of the spring cleaning sessions . And my Mom-in-law happily gave it to me , knowing my hobby of collecting old things . I tried to fix the mesh but was scared as it was very fragile and so attached an old silver pendant to cover up the tear. It has lovely enamel on the opening clip and so I refashioned the handle with onyx and silver beads to make it more trendy ( the chain had broken too )

mesh purse restored

 Recently reading a lovely informative  article on chain maille jewellery by Divya of Jewels of Sayuri made me decide to include this one .

Here`s a link to her article , you`ll find it very interesting too !

  The second on that I have included here is this lovely beaded purse from my mom , which was a bridal purse that she made  for my wedding . I still remember those lovely months between my engagement and wedding when we both spent the most precious times together pouring over the design I wanted , and she ,  patiently stitching bead by bead with the most serene expression on her face .
hand beaded purse with antique silver frame ,сумка из бисера

 For me it is so precious because I can see the blessings and the love she has for me , that has gone into creating it . Incidently , it was her first beaded purse that she made  ,and till today , she continues to make purse after purse , ( maybe more than a hundred , each with a different design ) but none as precious as those made for my sister and me .

purse from Cambodia

  And the third one that is precious to me is the one I brought from Cambodia on my recent trip . Well , it`s not different in a sense , to those usually available in Far East, , in terms of design , but for me it holds a special memory of the lovely time I had visiting this lovely place , a dream that I had nurtured since I was a school kid. And what lovely inspiring memories  I`ve brought back with me !
  Here is a link to the lovely crafts of  Cambodia

Well don`t you agree that these purses are indeed precious for all the love , efforts and feelings associated with them ? Would love to hear about your views ,

writing off for now but will be back soon with more to share ,



  1. I can see why these purses mean so much to you, your Mother had created a real beauty and it as you say is filled with wonderful memories.You have worked wonders on the mesh one and the modern Cambodian one is also very pretty

    1. Thank you Margaret. Yes the beaded one is my most favourite and even after 26yrs of my wedding I carry it with me with the same feeling of pride in my moms handwork !

  2. Nice collection. I envy you :). The first one is awesome. Purse with elder's blessings...what else is required in the collection

    1. Thank you Ranjana . I`m glad liked my collection , for I know , like me you too have a penchant for collecting unique things .


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