Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Crimson Chakra necklace !

Here`s a look at my latest project ,  The Crimson Chakra necklace  !

When I started this project , I had no idea how it would turn out. My initial idea was only to make a necklace that matched with my kutchwork saree that I have done .

 I had been given the round motif pattern  as a part of the monthly challenge by Coco of .Perles Dentelles.   . A quick and fun project , I loved creating the motifs as they were easy to do , and was happy I learn`t a new technique .

Gaining confidence after doing a couple of motifs ,  I decided to experiment a little more and came up with the triangle motif . After a lot of  weaving and reopening , I was able to get the look I wanted for the center . The faux coral beads came in handy to fill up the circles and now all it needed was a chain to match .
bead weaving

 I tried thinking  but came up with nothing suitable , and kept this project on hold . And to my surprise , I found the pattern and the lovely tutorial by Inspirational Beading  , that seemed to be perfect for the chain .Thanks

       Quite thrilled at this , I completed the necklace finally and  , this is how it turned out .

 How grateful I am at all the  beaders on the web , who inspire me to learn and create these pieces of beadwork that I`ll always treasure
  So what do you think ? Don`t these wonderful people need a big thank you for sharing their art and inspiring us to learn more and more ?

Do write your views

 Till then ciao

beadfully yours


  1. Wow this turned out really pretty. I love the colors. Perfect!!

  2. Great design! I love how all the elements look together. And thanks for the link!

    1. Thanks Mortira . I enjoyed making this one , thanks to you!

  3. Your alexa rank is improving fast. Great job. Keep it up.


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