Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Latest project - Twinkling stars

 I have been having  a busy time lately , and so have been inactive on blogosphere since this month. For those of you who don`t know , it is the month of Shravan in India , and it is full of festivals for us Indians , Raksha bandhan and teej have gone by as well as Janmashtami , all festivals celebrated in age - old ritual at my house . So haven`t been able to find much time for my creativity. But for now at least that`s over and so I decided to complete some projects in hand.

    Here`s  the set I made for a friend , and have named it Twinkling  stars , as that`s what it reminds me of !

black beads , crystals ,

She had purchased a pair of earrings with three medallions. But after wearing , she felt they were too long , and so she  brought them and asked me to remove the center medallion to shorten the length . But once I did so , I liked the pieces so I created the bracelet and necklace using each of the removed medallions. Digging in my collection I found the triangle ends and metal chain to give it a complete look .

  Since she too is has the festival of Eid I thought of giving it to her when wishing her Eid Mubarak !  , so she can wear it ..................... I hope to pleasently surprise her !

Do you think she will like this surprise?



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