Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have been busy . Not Beading !

Time really flies , and who but me know how ! It`s a fortnight since  my last post and have been posting only in my thoughts , while my hands have been busy with.............. Nothing !!!!!!!!!!!
       It all started when I visited a local  shop a few days ago. Among the collection of silver jewellery I spotted a beautiful cabochon scattered among others., just perfect for what I had in mind . I just had to have it . Wheedling  the shop owner ,  ( who refused to sell it saying it was only for display )  I returned home proudly bearing my acquisition .
       Got my mood board  ready  , waiting to start my project , I opened the cab from its wrapping , and horror of horrors , I noticed the big crack right in the center. Cursing myself  on my bad luck , I have been agonising over the cab so much so that I tucked it away for a week angry with myself. I just do not how  it had  cracked or I had somehow damaged it while bringing it home ?
          But enough is enough ! I have been scolding  myself to move on and start the project . After all cabochons are difficult to come by in this side of India !

        Keeping my frustration aside , I have assembled the components to see how they look , and maybe with a few changes as I go along, my beadwork  project will be finished soon .

     What do you think ? Am I doing the right thing by beading around a cracked cabochon?

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