Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My latest WIP

Remember my previous post on the cracked cabochon? Well as mentioned earlier , though I did get the idea ready . I thought of experimenting with the piece as I wanted a definate look to the composition  that I had in mind.

      I stitched , reopened , stitched again , experimenting with different placement of beads , not completely satisfied with the result.

  Well that was it ! Enough was enough . Scolding myself that I would damage the base fabric , I decided to let my embroidery  take shape as I went along , without a pre-determined  assembly . And believe me I had lots of fun doing it . I have spent hours gazing at what I had completed , admiring the outcome, and the embroidery has been growing beautifully .  Completing the central area , all it needs is the crown and the base to be completed  before I finish it.


  1. The center piece looks (elaborate) beautiful..what is it for?


  2. Thanks for looking Divya . Well it`s for a neckpiece that`s all I can say for now and as to why I have made this so ; ........................ it is a little secret for now which I will reveal soon .

  3. hey are u looking to buy clear casting resin...?? I am about to order for me...8 OZ two part resin will be around Rs.1300 depending on the dollar rate incl shipping from US....4OZ also available


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