Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Treasure from the Sea - Creations in coral

I love the colors of natural corals. The vast variety of corals available is mind boggling  . Be it the vibrant orange of the natural coral or the subtle pinkish hue of the creamish coral , I just love them ! Stashed away in my trinket box , I found a couple of  necklaces I had strung a couple of years ago . . Keeping it rustic and simple on purpose , I had created  these to go with my sarees and I love wearing them  .

  In many regions of India , married women consider it auspicious to wear coral . It is teamed up with the traditional black beads and gold  for the Mangalsutra ( or the sacred thread , if translated )
 Taking the traditional and symbolic pendant from the Southern region of India , I have strung  this Mangalsutra

coral and gold mangalsutra

Real coral tube beads are used with black handcrafted Indian  beads and the pendants are from Kerala.

coral , Indian wedding jewellery
Seed bead and gold beads are made into a cord using square stitch .Two glass beads in Coral colour add a touch of  ethnique to this Thali pendant fromTamil India

coral jewellery
This one has been made with glass beads in coral and black with a gold pendant from Coorg.

What do you think of these necklaces? Waiting to hear your comments ,


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