Friday, May 18, 2012

In a mood for Mangoes .

Come the scorching summer , and the trees of  mangoes are a sight to behold..Laden with the King of Fruits , the mango trees in India are a mouth watering delight to the young and old . And I am no more immune to the lip smacking and mouth watering  fruit.than all the other Indians out here!

    The trees , respledent with the fruit , gently swaying in the cool morning breeze, and the plump ripe mangoes , waiting to be eaten , transforms me  in a  mood of  eternal happiness . It take me back in time , to my childhood days , when I eagerly waited for my school to close for summer holidays . The days were filled with playing under the shade of mango trees,  plucking the fruit ( away from the hawk eyes of the elders  ) and eating the raw mangoes . Also it was a time when afternoons were spent  learning  a new craft skill and start a summer project.

 Even today , though I don`t get as much  time   , summer is a season that takes me back to the lovely time of my life .

So .........   here`s a bouquet of various articles I have created ,  as a fond memory to all the beautiful  "Summers in my life " !
mango motif , Indian embroidery

kutchwork design , mango motif , paisley motif

A kutchwork saree with the beautiful Mango motifs in pallu . Keeping it simple , the border has spaced out tiny motifs in a similar theme.

designer saree

Here`s a  Bhagalpur silk saree  that I assembled and stitched. Though the border is machine embroidered , this combination  reminds me of  the green n fresh raw mango and sweet n juicy ripened mango ,( both mouthwatering in different ways .)

Wanted to try my hand at some paper and wire jewelry and this is what I came up with

Paper and wire jewellery

A mango shape that I cut out from an old wedding invitation and outlined with wire wrap . I wrapped wire around the punched holes to hold the paper in place .

, So what do you think? Does the summer hold similar memories for you too?

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