Thursday, April 19, 2012

Designs to Dye for :

The tie -and- dye or Bandhani fabrics of India are unsurpassed in their beauty . The nimble fingers , tyeing each fold or pinch of fabric  with acute concentration is a sight to behold ! The villages of Kutch , Gujarat and Rajasthan create beautiful Bandhani  sarees and fabrics . From tiny mustard seeds to small pebbles are used to resist dye the design . Only on completion of dyeing and opening out the knot does the true beauty and skill of the craftsman emerge !
 Adhereing to my topic of Peacock as a design symbol , here`s a look at these beautiful art forms ,

tie and dye of gujarat , textiles of India . peacock design in pallu

Indian textiles , sarees of India

Indian textiles

saree pallu design

This saree is from Jamnagar in Gujarat , and the tying is done with mustard seeds . To make the tyeing a little easier and faster, the fabric is 1st folded  lengthwise and then tied ,as seen in the 1st and 2nd picture. (Notice the size of  the dots )

A beautiful cotton saree from Mandvi in Kutch , resembles the Madurai Sungadi . Though the pattern is not that of the peacock , the peacock motif border induced me to add this to my collection

cotton tie and dye saree from India


Another textile art of India that has used peacock in it`s design form is the Ikat and Patola . Based on the resist method of dyeing, the warp yarns are 1st laid flat and the dyeing is carried out with  brush painting on these warps. After fixing the colour, the weaving is done . A lot of presicion is required to obtain a sharp and clear design
Indian textiles

This one is a Kathan Silk patola from Hyderabad .

So what do you think? Isnt India a land of innumerable art forms of Textiles? I think the list is inexhaustible , ................................. and yet to follow is the embroidery forms of this beautiful bird !

Ciao  , Till next post then ,


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