Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Walk by the Riverside

 The scorching Summer has gone by , and the weather has turned  slightly pleasant . Soft Sea breeze sets in during evenings , making it pleasant to take a walk by the riverside. Leaves gently sway in the fluttering breeze , and the water of the Adyar river  , flows with a lazy pace . Birds come to the safe haven of their nest at the end of the day, waiting  for  nightfall .

   Walking down the river path I was totally enraptured   by the beauty of nature , the play of colours on the foliage and sunbaked rocks .I wanted to  capture   this charm of   Mother nature into my creation

tassels,fringe , beaded pendant
embroidering around a cabochon , вышивка бисером

bead embroidery , beaded fringe

beadibg aroubd a cabochon

Though in effect it may not be a perfect piece , I treasure it , as it is my first piece  using different beadwork techniques.

Now all it needs is a cord to make it into a beautiful necklace . But I guess that will have to wait for sometime as I am undecided as to what to put for the cord.
should it be the grey pearls or seed beads or another piece of embroidered collar? Can`t decide which one !

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