Thursday, April 19, 2012

Peacock ! A designer`s eternal delight ! Part 3

Peacock ! A designer`s eternal delight ! Part 3

From the painters palette !

  Traditional folk motifs , so revered among the craft artisans of India too have found the peacock motif to be an endless source of  inspiration .

   Here are two of my favourite  works of art  ,

 a dupatta that I picked up from Daram store in  Hyderabad .
The intricate border has been meticulously painted  by a Madhubani  artist , and the fine lines of perfection fill me with  a sense of amazement , for the artist who has labouriously toile over it !

The second one is a beautiful tablecloth that I had picked up years ago from Shilparamam ,Madhapur in Hyderabad. What drew me to this stall was the beautiful and vibrant colours used by the artist. I still remember vividly , the  craftsman from  Gond  proudly proclaiming that I would find it difficult to find a beautiful piece such as this again . ( How  true , since I never again found  a stall selling these paintings made on  home-linen again in Shilparamam )

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