Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peacock ! A designer`s eternal delight ! Part 2

Part 2

Woven Wonders !

Not to be left far behind, the weavers in India too have sought continuing inspiration from the Peacock. One is amazed to see the different stylizations of the peacock. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari , the weavers loveingly toil over the warp and the weft , creating unique designs , and my fascination for this beautiful bird led me to discover some of the most beautiful motifs in these woven textiles !

Here , Take a look !

                                 A beautiful piece of Banares brocade depicting the peacock feather 

Another one of my coveted pieces , this vintage saree border and pallu was a part of my mother-in-law`s wedding trousseau . The piece is intricately woven on silk and pure gold tissue , and the style is remniscent of the Chinese brocades. In the 1920`s , the women wore sarees with Parsi style borders or the Gara , and this border though very fragile now ( as it is giving away on the sides ) is a beautiful example of that era !
Wish I knew some way to restore it!

A couple of more vintage saree borders in gold thread from my mother`s collection.

woven textiles of India

Assam , Indian textiles

pair of woven peacocks
When I was studying about Indian Textiles, I was awed with the variety of textiles each state in India produced. Since then , it became a passion for me to own at least one traditional textile from that particular state of India . And this piece above with a pair of peacocks and butterflies , is a Mekhela chador from the north eastern state of Assam.

I found this beautiful silk Bomkai from Orissa to be a very unique piece as it has a double colour pallu with the most delicate threadwork depicting the peacock motif ,

intricately woven shawl

The weavers of Tamil Nadu too , create beautiful textiles revolving around the peacock motif and here`s a beautiful cotton Dupatta , intricately woven with the traditional peacock motif  . Is`nt it a visual delight ?
Got lots more to share , but I guess it will have to wait for my next post .


  1. Lovely collection...The Assam and Orissa ones are my favourite

  2. So much beauty! I enjoyed the Assam ones a lot!


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