Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tribal pendants, full of vibrant bling !

bead weaving, beaded bead, peyote stitch pattern

     Back from blogging haitus!!  Oh yes.  I have not been paying attention to my jewelry blog, but there are many excuses, - travelling, redoing the house after the December  floods, catching up with friends on social media , but the most important one is that I`m truly hooked to learning ( and sometimes discarding ) new techniques and creating  patterns for myself. 
A couple of months ago . I decided to try my hand at peyote stitch, not for the first time though,making the pattern and getting the shape took some time .  Not sure of how it would turn out, tried both fireline thread as well as Nymo in each pendant. The only mistake I think I made is that for the second piece I think I should have not woven very tightly as I now observe a slight distortion in the pattern. Or it could be as because I started the pattern from the center. Not sure , anyways am happy that it is not so visible in the final necklace .

beaded fring, multicolor bead pendants, ethnic boho

 It was fun creating the pendants, and I loved the colors . Adding the beaded beads I made, I combined Indian glass beads in black and green with an adjustable thread necklace. Of course making the beaded beads with peyote stitch did take some time but then  I am quite happy with how the pattern came out finally.

seed beadwork

Hope you liked the necklaces .
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Ciao for now , will be back with something new soon…..


  1. Love these, I am so happy that you started blogging again

    1. Thanks Divya ! Lol , it has been a while away from the blog . Hope to be here frequently now....

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  3. Amazing post ! I love it and the photos. Really nice looking
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