Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Intricate lacy bracelet

Lacy beaded bracelet

      Yet another bracelet added to my collection !  I had been wanting to make new patterns for those lovely berry shaped glass beads from my visit to Hyderabad  .

berry shaped beads
                                                    This one is the first pattern I made ,

The purple grape colored beads were easier to use as they are more opaque and solid in color.( which I have posted in the previous post )

Seed bead projects

But these green ones turned out to be a little difficult as they are transparent. The thread was showing up and compared to the opaque ones, a closely woven pattern hide the beauty of these beads.
 So deciding to go for a more lacy structure this time , I have made this bracelet  using vivid red, green and cream seed beads , with green glass berry shape beads,and  a solid German silver closure.
 I think , the closure adds a contemporary look  to an otherwise Victorian looking bracelet
So what do you think?

Till we meet again, Happy beading !


1 comment:

  1. these are very pretty, I do like a bracelet, I think it is my favourite form of jewellery, rings not for me as have swollen knuckles


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