Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beautiful Beaded Bracelets!

handcrafted by motidana

           It`s been a busy time at the studio, making bracelets! A preview from the first lot , here are two intricately bead woven bracelets with the center being same. Look how we came up with two variations in the same beads.....

Art in beads and threads and more
Indian glass beads
It was trial and error and lots of reworking before these came up to my satisfaction , but finally these two have turned out good I think.
So what do you think about this? And which one would you pick?

ciao for now, it`s back to beading another one



  1. certainly very beautiful and cannot pick a favourite as they are both equally lovely

    1. Glad you liked them Margaret. I guess you are right,both have their own beauty.

  2. Beautiful intricate work!! Mom's influence??

    1. Thank you Divya . It`s the result of Mom syndrome . She keeps wanting to learn more and more techniques, and I have to keep feeding her insatiable appetite by showing her one and she creates the other. Whew ! I`ve never done beadwork as I`m doing now !! But I`m loving it.

  3. Beautiful ...the color combination is too good


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