Monday, September 15, 2014

Traditionally Trendy .. another crochet purse

potli bag , drawstring purse

The crochet bug seems to have bitten me really hard for I find myself promptly reaching for my crochet yarns and knitting needles , pushing aside my bead work projects waiting to be finished .
 But I am not complaining , for I quite like the ease and speed with which I am completing these little  purses .

crochet wedding accessory

   Indian silk sarees are richly decorated in terms of pattern and the bold use of contrasting colors and so   I have made a fairly simple in terms of the stitches used . The pattern is only created with a play on colors .I have used stiff golden yarn for the base as it holds the shape quite well and firm . the pink border is highlighted with gold . The beautiful shade of blue matches the traditional silk sarees perfectly , giving it a simple yet  bold  look .

single crochet

crochet purse

 The draw string is made by spool knitting , and I love the effect . It is so much fun that I plan to make more cords in this technique .

Till next time then.....



  1. very nice bag I am sure you will find lots to use this for

  2. so the purse and the gold touch in the dark shades..

    1. Thanks Radhika . As you must have observed , I love the use of bright and bold colors as I think these match with our Indian outfits very well :)


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