Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pretty in Pink - A crochet bag !

a purse in crochet

Working with my crochet needle has got me really addicted . So here`s a crochet drawstring bag I made for the upcomming festive season .


 Pink being the color of Goddess Lakshmi , I thought this color would look nice for a bag to be used in Diwali which is only a couple of months away . I`ve used simple stitches and added a gold edge just to give it a dash of ethnic look . We indians are very fond of wearing zari ( gilt or metal thread ) in our silk sarees and so this bag will match perfectly I think

potli purse in crochet
crochet trim

 So here`s another addition to my completed projects . Do let me know how it is . 

Be back with another project soon.....



  1. yes this will be a lovely bag for celebrating Diwali

    1. Thanks Margaret . This is the first of my " to do " for Diwali project list . The next one following soon.....

  2. This looks super cute - reminds me of tamboolam bags

  3. Beautiful work..and I love how neat the stitches look ..

  4. I love this bag!!! Absolutely gorgeous


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