Friday, January 31, 2014

My treasures from Bangkok

It`s been a while since I posted . You could say I have been a little preoccupied trying to catch up with loads of unfinished work from before my vacation. Why is it that I always end up with lots of things to do before and after the holiday ?
    And this time is no different . Guess my creative ideas will have to wait for some more time before they take off ! But I had to share the goodies that I got from my recent trip . It was a hurried but exciting time at the Sampeng Market on the last day of my trip .

the maze of shops at Sampeng 

A bead shop full of interesting stuff

A button store 

I felt like Alice in Wonderland . The crowded lanes and bylanes were filled with goodies to make  any craft enthusiast giddy . Wish I could have spent more time , but could`nt as I had a flight to catch and head back home .
                                                  And here is the hoard of treasure I got .
                                                clasps and closures for my jewellery

 beautiful Cloisonné beads , 

 seed beads of different sizes . ( I have been wanting these from a long time for shaped beadwork ) 
beading needles and tiger tail , thread ,  and lots of findings ,

 And of course the purse frames which I never get in India , will come in handy for my bead crochet projects !
  I am so happy with my treasures and am soon going to start my new project so do stop by



  1. lots of goodies you have shared with us today, you certainly had a good spend now we will wait and see how you use the beads etc and look forward to seeing your crochet/bead purses

    1. Yes Margaret , I did feel like a kid in a candy store and bought lots of goodies which is going to take me a lot of time to use . And my first project is going to be completed soon so do drop by :)

  2. Great to see that you have got even sized beads..waiting to see what you make of them

    1. True Divya , you know how difficult it is to get even sized beads here so I`m really thrilled to have found them and am waiting to start a new project :)

  3. Oh my! What a market place! I also love those purse handles. Not easy to find.

  4. So nice. You must have shopped a lots of beads. Very lucky to have these stuffs

  5. Wow. You must have enjoyed a lot. Other day I went shopping for fabric and buttons in a big market and I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Thanks,Preethi.

  6. That is a good haul.. Lucky you.. !! looking forward to your designs with these..


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