Tuesday, January 7, 2014


On a recent and exciting trip to Bangkok and Pattaya , I decided to enjoy  myself  walking down the beach looking for treasures in the sand . While the other people were busy spending time in all the water sports that the Coral island had to offer , I spent a lovely time looking for washed away bits of coral and stones that I could use in my jewellery and beaded creations and capture that lovely time forever !

Water sports

Wind , sun and surf  galore ...... my son para-sailing at Pattaya . Adventure sports not for me , my heart was in my mouth for the entire duration of the time my teenage son spent going around the sea!

coral island

 Clear blue waters , a really tempting sight for all those waterbirds , but for me , the washed out shells and other materials was more fascinating .....

beachcombing for corals

Treasures in hand , I walked the beach looking for more findings from the sea .

coral branches

Tiny coral bits , no more than an inch in length were in abundunce , and I tried to pick those with at least two or more branches.

coral reef

Lovely patterns on these corals , arent there ?

rutilated pebbles from the sea

Washed out pebbles almost perfectly flattened by the waves . Our guide was highly amused at my fascination for them . She even helped me pick a pair of them . The black triangle and the mottled brown beside it are her finds and she picked up the best in the lot for me !

 Fascinated with my treasures , I`m now back home waiting to find time to create something out of these lovely goodies .

Any suggestions ? Do drop in a line , will be waiting for your ideas ....

Until then ......



  1. the beach looks a lovely place to be. Beautiful coral but afraid no idea what I would do with it apart from admire it.

    1. Yes indeed the beach is really very beautiful. The colors of the water were really fascinating and I spent my entire time trying to absorb all the beauty around me.

  2. Nice to hear that you had a great time, I want to visit bangkok one day as well. the corals look lovely....your bezels are here but the ovals are missing and are on their way. Could you collect them next week?

    1. The corals are indeed lovely but unfortunately was not able to gather courage like the rest of my family and go for undersea walk to touch the corals . My son said it was really a fantastic experience not to be missed ! They make you wear a breathing apparatus and walk you on the sea bed for fifteen minutes where you can feed the fishes and touch live corals . Not to be missed experience !
      Thanks for the bezels, I will collect them together with the ovals . Will call you to confirm when .

  3. Wow.. you found some great treasures.. will look forward to seeing what you make out of them... Nice pics ..

  4. Lovely treasures! The circular pattern on the left bottom coral is amazing.I'm not a big fan of jewelry so am afraid I don't have any suggestions,sorry.

  5. WOW...the shells as well as the corals very beautiful I would suggest, preserve it by making some artwork with ceramic and frame those. You have better ideas :)

  6. beach is best place to visit specially if u want to be relaxed. Pattaya is specially a very beautiful tourist place. the shells shown in the images are beautiful.thanks for sharing this post with us.

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