Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inspiration And Creativity - Thanks to Nina Designs !

 I`m thrilled at the box of goodies I received from  Nina Designs  last week . When I opened the box and saw the contents inside , I gasped in pleasure . The most beautifully finished metal charms , silk ribbons , clasp and ear wires lay inside ( things that I had only seen on the net ! ) .  My mind is whirling with ideas ,  I can`t wait  to use  them in my creations  . The variety of jewellery that can be made  with these components is so much that I  can`t wait to try out all that my mind has imagined  and  make different jewellery pieces.

Here`s what the box of goodies contained .

Jewellery components from Nina Designs

It`s an honor to be selected as a blog partner , and am looking forward to this challenge , Beginning with this post I`m going to showcase the jewellery I have made using the components that came in the box , and here is the first necklace which I have named 

                                                          Samudra - (meaning The Ocean)

Unique Jewellery inspired by the Sea , ocean inspired  necklace

The Turquoise Blues Silk ribbon from  Nina Designs  reminded me of the deep blue ocean and so I have tried to depict the  deep sea bed with scattered corals , shells , seaweeds and even a flower made from shell !

Collection of materials used include Silk ribbon from Nina designs , and , hemp cord , brass ring , mother-of pearl sequins, handmade Indian glass beads, stitched shell flowers from my own stash .

Necklace Samudra - Jewellery inspired by the Sea

 I stitched the shells to make a flower and attached shisha (glass mirror ) in the center . Cutting the hemp cord I mounted it on the brass ring a left over from my old discarded handbag using macrame technique . Stringing the beads , the ends have been secured using a simple knot .

corals , mother-of-pearl  
Stitching the flowers in place I added the silk ribbon to complete my necklace  Samudra 

 Do`nt you think the Silk ribbon is perfect to go with the theme ? and does`nt  it remind you too , of a beautiful  garden deep inside the Ocean ?

Looking forward to hearing from you ,


  The materials above were provided as part of the Nina Designs blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.  


  1. Nice ones. And the name given is also perfect "Samudra"!

  2. very pretty....why dont you submit it to beadaholique ocean treasures challenge?

    1. Thanks a lot Divya . I would love to enter the challenge , and will definitely try my luck .

  3. very oceanic, wish we had such turquoise blue water here,very rare to see it blue with the lack of sunshine! a unique piece which I am sure will be catching everyone`s eye when you wear it.


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