Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Inspiration And Creativity ......( continued ) - Thanks to Nina Designs !

       In my earlier post I mentioned the silk ribbons that had come in the box that I received from Nina Designs . Well as you would have seen , in the previous post , creating a necklace was fast and easy with the turquoise ribbon , as it reminded me of the waters of the deep blue ocean , but creating something out of the lime green one was challenging. As my usual habit , bead weaving was the first choice and I promptly completed the beaded bead using netting stitch . What fun it was as there was no tangled threads , or bent needles with these bigger beads , something that usually happens when I use  seed beads . And the necklace looked quite good too , something that could be worn on formal occasions .

Peacock- A designers eternal delight

beaded bead silk ribbon necklace

But then , a thought struck me ! why could`nt I try out a different technique , and create a new look for necklace . It would be a good learning experience for me to try out a different technique . So I promptly gathered my tools and dug into my bead stash and came up with these bell shaped bullseye beads. I had bought them earlier but had refrained from using them as I found them too big and grotesque .Somehow these beads and the lime ribbon reminded me of  Africa and so adding the copper wire work connections and the center pendant I created this necklace .

wire work , bullseye bead , copper jewelry

Of course , making these connections was by no means easy as I had not practiced this technique , since I had taken classes from   Divya ( Jewels of Sayuri )  ,  a couple of years ago . Coiling the wire did test my patience as I had to rework again and again , but I think I managed to get the connections more or less same in size and fairly even after all that toiling !

tribal chic , feather jewelry , wire work , mixed-media

tribal necklace , feathered inspiration ,mixed-media, handmade jewelry

   And I`m happy to see how both the technique give a different look to the same ribbon ! Of course I love both but am slightly more inclined to the second one as it was more difficult for me

Which one is your favourite ? Do drop in a line . I shall love hearing from you . And do keep visiting to see more of my creations using goodies from Nina Designs .

  The materials above were provided as part of the Nina Designs blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.   


  1. both of these are delightful as to my favourite I think like you the second one, it is so unique and I love the splash of blue feather you have added

  2. Thank you Margaret . As you rightly said , the blue feather does add a quirky look to the piece . It was by chance that I added this feather , as I could`nt think of something bold to go with the rest of the composition , but once I added it , the piece got transformed ...............totally !

  3. Lovely designs. Nice creations.


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