Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unique Jewellery Finds - Silver and Sisal jewellery

Today I want to share another unique jewellery material that I came across during the The World Craft Council    Kaivalam  an International Craft Summit that was hosted in Chennai a few months back . It is jewellery made from sisal fiber .

                Sisal fibers ,  obtained from the  hardy Agave plant , is extracted by a retting process similar to that of linen . Mostly found in Brazil , Mexico, China , and Africa , this natural fiber is used to make ropes , twines , carpets , etc . Also used for making lovely coiled baskets ,........................................................... and now as delicate jewellery , the sisal fiber has found a new use. 

I absolutely love the delicate bracelet and earrings that I got from their stall at the crafts bazaar , and here are the pictures of the same

organic  jewellery

unique jewellery , tintsaba
organic jewellery , unique jewellery finds

hand crafted in swaziland

  Tintsaba, a craft initiative by the women of Swaziland , produces these beautiful coiled bracelets and other pieces of jewellery by coiling natural dyed sisal fiber along with silver to create unique jewellery . 

 Here`s a link to their webste    ;  http://www.tintsaba.com

I`m sure you will find it interesting 

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  1. Very interesting. Jewelry made of natural fibers!Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you liked it Ranjana . It is very beautiful work that these ladies of Tinsaba do.

  2. good to see you back on your blog Motidana and so interesting reading about the sisal plant. Bracelet is very pretty,

    1. It`s good to be back too Margaret . After a system crash where I lost all my data , and burnt fingers from careless cooking which put me back by a couple of weeks , I`m now back in shape with lots to share !
      Thanks for dropping by .

  3. did not realise that you had had crash, to lose all your data must be terrible. I keep all my photos etc on a memory stick too in case I have a crash. The burnt fingers sound painful, glad they are now healed.


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