Friday, June 28, 2013

Shisha Embroidery -My latest WIP

 Here`s a sneak peek at  latest project that I`m working on . ...... , its shishsa  embroidery again ! I`m loving this project , as I am doing this work after a long time .

Indian embroidery

Wanted to add some glitz and so I embellished it with topaz colored stones. I`m quite pleased with this effect ., as the motif now appears a little more decorative without appearing garish .

Shisha embroidery

I can`t wait to see how the completed project turns out . Though I have more or less decided on the final piece , I would love to hear suggestions from you .

Till then , signing off ,



  1. beautifully done shisha, have only had a go at it once but mine certainly did not look like yours!

  2. Thanks Margaret . The stitches are fairly simple , up and down buttonhole , daisy , stem and closed feather . It`s only the colors that make it really stand out .


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