Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Project in Embroidery

It`s been a while since I have done any embroidery . Of  late, I find myself torn between creating time for beadwork and embroidery as I want to do both . But since that`s not possible , I thought of doing a quick project in embroidery , just to begin the new year

Here`s a small cushion on maroon dupion silk that I have made for  my drawing room . The embroidery is Kantha  (a technique of creating embroidery in running stitch famous in Eastern India and Bangladesh )

kantha embroidery , Indian Embroidery
I still need to make three more to complete the set . Hope to finish them soon too.

That`s all for today . Will be back soon with some other interesting projects .

Till then Happy beading and Embroidering !


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