Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Frill`n`Lace - a bridal collar ,victorian style

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Recently I got a custom order from a friend . The request was to transform the small 1" inch pendant that she had into something elaborate , that would be visible with our  colourful and flashy wedding clothes, something that was eye-catching and more visible !

   I kept mulling  over what to do with the piece for weeks trying to find ways to make the miniscule little eye shaped pendant a little bigger. Working around the tiny ruby and diamond pendant , my first goal was to give it a classic Victorian look . Having no pattern at hand I had to make several attempts to get the circle of seed beads and crystals to fit the circumference of the pendant .

After having the pendant design approved from her , I completed the collar , happy that I had accomplished my goal .

victorian style beadwork, Bhatia wedding jewellery

perles dentelle

If you notice I have given the traditional cord tassel at the end ( a prevelant closure in indian jewellery , as it allows the wearer to adjust the collar according to the neck size and the length of the necklace can be controlled according to what size the person wants - tight like collar or loose as in necklace )

I am eagerly awaiting her comment .

 Do you think she will like it ? and more important will I get more such challenging custom orders?

Do drop in a line,

till then , happily beading



  1. I am not sure about like but I am certain she will LOVE it. so creative you have made a most beautiful necklace which is going to be the envy of so many .

  2. Thanks Margaret. It feels nice to know that someone else (apart from me )likes it. Since this is my first custom order so to say , was feeling a little aprenhensive. It`s really heartening to know that you have the same opinion ! Now a bit more confident that she will like it.

  3. This is very pretty. I love the way you incorporated everything. I know it will be worn with pride.

    1. thanks for looking Nicole . And it`s lovely to hear from you


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