Friday, October 5, 2012

Back from Angkor , tired but Inspired!

My trip to Cambodia has been everything I imagined and more !!! I am on a high , coz my mind is filled with all the eyecandy I saw there. Be it architecture , design , textiles , dances , scenery , my mind is full of images of  beauty , calm and peace surrounding the place. Whatever the past  , the simplicity of the people and their daily life fills me with a sense of  wonder ,as to how ,they are able to find a sense of beauty and interweave it in their daily lives.

                                                 My first view of the Majestic Angkor Wat
                                                   The East gate with the four headed Shiva
                     The inner courtyard . The friezes and the carvings on the window pane are simply a delight.

 The crafts of Cambodia are amazing , and this being my first trip to South Asia, I am enamoured by the motifs , designs and patterns.

 these wood carvings of different Forms of Buddha were prevalent everywhere and this perfumed tea candle stand was really very serene.

Artisans`de`angkor is a craft revival organisation and the trip to their craft center was a fantastic learning experiance for me.

beautiful and intricate ikat at a resturant I visited. Though similar to ikat in India, it is very colourful and the Apsaras ,elephants and other forms are very precise and complex.

                                           embossed silver bass relif work is very prevalant .

          I think I will need to spend hours of   assimilating and meditating on all of this before I begin my next project. However I am also pleased that my Dreams of Angkor necklace is quite close to the reality  of the place and my imagination is sure for REAL !

What do you think ?


  1. You have certainly seen some wonderful sites on your trip and as you say have been really inspired, looking forward to seeing what you create from your visit.

    1. Thanks Margaret . Have a host of inspired projects lined up. Just waiting to catch up on the backlog of work and will be back to creating.


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