Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dreams of Angkor

There is endless beauty around us . Be it in the form of flora , fauna or even rocks and stones , nature sure is beautiful. Admiring nature always fills me with a sense of peace and calm and a feeling of thankfullness at the gift  nature has bestowed around.  And civilizations of  the earlier era had a respect for that beauty , which they merged in their living . The forts , Castles , Caves, Relics that they built , are all an embodiment of beauty captured by the bygone era , leaving  us with sense of awe and wonder !

 Angkor Vat of Cambodia  is one such Wonder of the world that is beyond compare . The beautiful temples, the Elephant terrace , the stone carvings ,  the Steps to Nirvana  and not to forget the green flora fauna and the curling banyan trees all have a story to tell .

   Learning about it in history as a child ,  a vivid image formed in my mind, and this necklace has been inspired by the beauty of Angkor. as I have imagined !

Using cabochons, ( the cracked cabochon a symbol of ruins , seemed perfect for this project )  beads  and gemstones , I have created this necklace  trying to capture the calm and  serene atmosphere surrounding the temples of Angkor.
assembling the components

                           completing the central area , resembling the tank and surrounding monuments

didnt like the placement of the 3 glass beads so ripped them off  to add beads around the circumference to resemble a walking path . Notice the green onyx beads depicting the  Steps to Nirvana.
Focal pendant complete !!!

Added the side to make a necklace . tried free form technique so learnt brick stitch , herringbone stitch and square stitch in the process
       not to miss the banyan tree and leaves  on the temple  , I have added glass leaves next to the green jade Ganesha .

Though I when started this project , I thought it would be a simple one , I got so carried away that I wanted to go on adding to it. And believe me it has been a journey full of self learning . Needles breaking, threads knotting, wrong shade of beads , trying to learn new bead stitches ( for me , a first timer ) it has been a fun filled period.

friform beadwork , Inspired by Angkor Vat

And I am happy by the outcome . What about you? Do you think it captures the beauty of a bygone era  waiting to be made immemorable ?

 Eagerly awaiting to see whether my mind`s picture  of Angkor vat is true ,  I`m off to Cambodia to see what my mind has only imagined till now. Hope the real thing is even more beautiful and inspiring than my vision. And waiting to gather loads of inspirations for my future  projects !



  1. yes this is beautiful.I think by adding the sides you have truly created a amazing piece of jewellery Have a wonderful time in Cambodia, it will be amazing to see the temples whilst you are there. look forward to seeing some photos on your return

  2. The piece is stunning :)..I always wanted to visit Cambodia..esp Angor Vat...I hope that dream becomes true one day..till then..good luck for your travel and I hope that you enjoy every minute of your stay there...Waiting to hear those travel stories fro myou


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