Thursday, September 6, 2012

A netted necklace

Remember my earlier post on netted bangles?  I wear those frequently  and it really draws a lot of attention .  Since I am not getting further with my project with the cabochon, ( not for want of Inspiration but rather for want of the correct beads that I am not able to find here in Chennai ) I decided to make a necklace to match the bangles . I had a string of green onynx beads and though they do not match the glass bangle exactly , I think it will look nice when worn together.

........... I am quite happy with the outcome . Indian weddings are always a very dressy affair and with the ladies preening in heavy silk sarees and  gold Jewellery. But with the price of gold soaring , I wanted something different and striking and  this  netted rope chain would fit the bill perfectly Now all that remains is a pair of earrings to complete the set . Will have to think of something soon.


  1. you can do netting over a round glass bead...will look really good with the necklace

  2. Thanx for the idea Divya. Sounds good ! Was looking for making studs though (if I can obtain the blanks here in Chennai )

  3. Beautiful, good work !
    Just a query, where do buy your beading thread from and what type.
    I have not been able to find good beading thread in bangalore. They often break in between and i have to tie off and start on new thread :-(

  4. Hi Vidya ,
    I`m glad you liked my necklace . Regarding your query on beading thread , I buy mine from Hyderabad , or Chennai. It comes in a cone or in smaller reels (and is twisted like sewing thread but stronger. ) You get different colors like red , grey , black , white etc . I think you will be able to find it in craft shops selling jewellery - making items in Bangalore . Just ask them for the thread to make pearl necklaces . To prevent the thread from knotting or breaking use soft wax available at the hardware stores , ( the type used to fill out holes in furniture - i.e. bees wax ) and CONDITION your thread by passing the thread through this wax. You will find it easy to work then , without any thread breaks !
    Hope you find this helpful . Do email if you have any further doubts .


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