Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Beauty of Indian Embroidery - Shisha Embroidery or Mirrorwork !

 Shisha embroidery , is a very old and traditional technique  done in the western regions of India. While the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan  excell in beautiful embroideries using small mirrors and beads , the Lambadi ( gypsys of Andhra ) too use a lot of mirrors in their traditional attire . And these Lambadis carefully trim small pieces of mica by hand to produce different shaped shisha or mirrors .  It is said that these mirrors were attached to dresses not only to add beauty to the garment but also to ward off evil eye .

Indian embroidery ,вышивка шиша ,индийские вышивки

Here`s a sampler that I had made a few years ago using stitches like herringbone , cretan , fly . french knots , lazy daisy etc Though it has discolored over the years , I still think that these  motifs are pretty even now. I have done a lot of shisha embroidery since then but this
 sampler is  my favorite .

mirror work embroidery ,индийские вышивки

Indian embroidery , shisha work ,индийские вышивки

indian embroidery , ethnic motifs for embroidery

banjara , shisha work , indian embroidery

Well , what do you think ? do drop in a line , as I love hearing fro you . And keep visiting for more on Shisha embroidery .


  1. Very nicely done. Even I love Shisha embroidery. Looking forward for some more works from you.

    1. thanks Ranjana . And I will be posting some more too , in this series .

  2. lovely work we did a little shisha when I was doing my C & G but have done none since

    1. Thanks Margaret . I have done shisha embroidery a lot in past but now beading and jewelry making has become my first priority and unfortunately not able to devote equal time to both

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  4. Shisha Embroidery is culturally rooted in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.It is really beautiful and lovely to watch those pieces of glass woven into the cloth.Shisha Embroidery requires patronage in the contemporary times to thrive and flourish.To purchase embroidered jewellery in Delhi, contact Sirjana Signature jewellery.


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