Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trendy Traditionals

Been away for a long while now. Thought I would share my latest project , a first time order to create patterns based on Indian textiles for a dear friend.
 I was a bit of a challenge since I don`t have a software to create designs, every motif was manually charted, but I and Mom( she`s an avid beader too ! ) finally finished the project.and here`s the outcome...

Completed the last of the borders designed on a special request , all vibrant and colorful, based on the traditional motifs of India. What a lovely journey it has been.!

How did you find this? Do drop in your comments. I would love hearing from you.

Till next time, when I`m back with more of my beadwork



  1. this is beautifully done and to have charted it yourself too a big pat on the back from me. Good to see you on your blog, I too have been lazy on mine but still checking what others have done

  2. I've also not used software to create designs, I work the old fashioned way. Your piece came out great! Lots of very nice detail. Are those size 11 beads? Are the finished borders being used for something specific?


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