Monday, August 31, 2015

Ethnic Bling! A multicolor beaded necklace.

Герда Ожерелье , Ethnic beadwork

 Recently, I was requested by a friend to make a Multicolor necklace that matched with most outfits . I have been a bit obsessed with making bracelets of late but have had such a hard time with sourcing the beads . But  this time it just came together so perfect that I can not help but feel overjoyed when I was requested to make a necklace  . I had a bag of assorted seed beads , a gift from my Mom. Since the bead were less in quantity, I had saved them for smaller projects so that I wouldn't run out of beads midway through the project  . The hanks were few but the colors bright and bold .
   Sharing  how I made it !

Handmade seed Bead Necklace

колье этно
I love the colors. And I love intricate and beautiful things that can be with seed beads . That beaded chain is utterly gorgeous I think , and the colors are perfect to match Indian or Western outfits .
And now it`s time to start a new project ,

 So what do you think?
Do drop in a line. Would love to hear from you!

Ciao for now


  1. Its bright, bold, very African in look and quite funky. I am sure your friend would have been delighted to own it. Hats off to your patience

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mab. It was fun putting it all together.

  3. a great make looks so complicated to do but you certainly achieved a wonderful neckace

  4. How beautiful! How much time does it take to make one like that?

    1. Thanks Indrani. It takes a week or more depending on the design. I usually spend only a couple of hours a day.

    2. How much do they cost? Do you sell them?

    3. Yes I do sometimes sell to friends.

  5. Wow! Absolutely, I should say brillant. The tutorial helps to see the detail of the process. Hat off to your patience. I love color choice - perfect to fit any dress. Love to see more of your work..

    1. Thanks Daffy . Glad you liked the piece. Will surely be posting lots of beadwork and tutorials too. Working on it ! :)


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