Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pink-N-Pearls - a new vintage inspired necklace !

Here`s my new project - An intricate classic necklace crafted with luminous freshwater pearls, and dusky pink netted beads .

beaded beads,

easy beaded bead ,
While not exactly pink , these Indian glass beads are more a variation of the Pantone color of the year `Marsala` . It was quite refreshing to use both bead weaving and wire wrapping techniques to assemble this necklace. It`s turned out quite well I think and will be one of my favorites for formal occasions

So what do you think?



  1. its beautiful!! A client was just asking me for something in this color combination and I was wondering I would it be. Then I clicked your blog link and here it is all resplendent:)

    1. Thank you Divya ! Glad you liked it. I too was a bit apprehensive when I made the beaded beads , but once I assembled it with pearls, everything seemed to match perfectly , and I got just the look I wanted.

  2. Replies
    1. Ohhh..... so glad to hear from you ! Was getting a bit worried about you absence and was planning to message you , but here you are!! It`s really wonderful to see you back in the blogging world :)
      Glad you liked the necklace Margaret :)

  3. Necklace looks lovely:) Your work always looks so perfect &beautiful... Take care & thanks for visiting my space:)


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