Monday, October 13, 2014

Beads-n-Wire ... My necklace "Shakti"

beads and wire , wire wrap

WOW! What a fortnight it has been. I have been busy with so many things in so many different directions that my poor blog post  has been left incomplete. But since things have quieted down a little and Diwali season is approaching ,  I can now share  the amazing things that I have done with my tool . Over the past few months my son has been pestering me to buy the Dremel tool kit for his car detailing (he`s an automobile engineering student ), I  finally gave in on a condition that I could borrow it for my jewellery making sometimes . Ever since I saw the tutorial Coiling wire on a drill by Lisa Niven Kelly , I have been wanting to try it . So, gathering a bit of courage , and a lot of help from the internet , I ventured into this crafting journey  .

wire wrapped beads

It was fun trying out the dremel , of course with some help from a reluctant teenager, and lots of practice, I finally managed to get evenly spaced spirals . Made some coiled wire components and then attached lime green glass beads on a 18 gauge copper wire .
coiled kutchi beads

But after completing all the beads I realized that because of the metal , they were kinda heavy . So to reduce the weight I added felt beads in bold red color , and a couple of gold filled embossed beads and a pendant . With very little coil remaining , I made the clasp in copper and added a small piece of coiled wire for a decorative effect .
   "Shakti "I think , is in every way a proper name for this piece , as it  reminds me of Shakti- the Hindu Goddess because of the color red , a favourite of the divine goddess . Also , the second meaning  ,of the word Shakti is  power or strength , and I did have to use a lot of it when I coiled the wire and beads around a thick copper wire with no heavy duty jewellery making tools ...Haha !
  But apart from a sore thumb and painful fingers , I am quite thrilled with this piece and I hope you like it too .



  1. yes thrilled is the right word what a lovely necklace and good that a car tool does the trick

    1. Truly said Margaret . The dremel tool is quite handy as it coils the wire quickly and evenly without any hassle , and does such a perfect job!

  2. this is really beautiful - I just got my dremel today and I didnt know you could coil with it, I'll try it too. What gauge wire did you use?

    1. Yes Divya , it does help in getting perfect coils every time unlike my hand coiling attempts . I used a 0.3mm wire for the coiling . For the base I used 18mm copper wire from a local hardware store ( but I know it will soon tarnish in our climate :( .....) as I did not know from where to obtain brass wire . Any ideas where I can get good wire in different gauges?
      And as I told you , I am also a first timer in using the Dremel , I thought this was the safest project to get familiar with the handling of this tool

  3. The necklace looks fabulous! Loved the second picture.

    1. Thanks Mridula . Learning slowly to take better photos , but I know I have a long way to go :)

  4. This is so beautiful and you are being so modest making it look so simple, am sure it would have been a lot of hardwork and looks fantastic. :)

  5. The necklace looks beautiful.

    Have a nice day:)


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