Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Blazers !

The Scorching summer months seems to  have taken a toll on my creativity . Of late I find myself putting off things and only dreaming of spectacular pieces I want to make , rather than actually making it .
 Of course that does`nt mean I have been doing nothing ! The past month has been a great one as far as widening my knowledge of jewellery making is concerned . For one , I attended a couple of workshops on Metal Jewelry Making hosted by Divya from Jewels of Sayuri , something that I had been looking forward to , for ages . Of course I need to practice a lot and better my skills but am quite thrilled with the pieces I created at the workshop .
 Here`s what I made at the workshop using the fold forming  and flame painting technique

copper sheet jewellery , fold formed flowers

                   and the second workshop was on working with Colored metals

 As far as learning new things goes , I have been active on Pinterest too and have collected a fairly decent amount of eyecandy on my page . What had started out as an account for my creations has turned to be a source of information and inspiration for many .Totally drool worthy and addicting ! Take a hop there and you might find it interesting too I`m sure .

Ciao for now




  1. the copper one seems to have gotten a bit darker with humidity but it looks lovelier than before. Wow 6000+ pins on pinterest - my god - following you right away

    1. Thank you Divya. I know the copper flowers do look a bit darker but I love wearing it as it is so light and looks lovely with my silk sarees .
      And my pinterest page has kept growing over the years as many pins seem to make me say " I want to learn this too " .....haha .....

  2. very nice this jewellery such a talent you have for this craft

    1. Thanks for stopping by Margaret . It inspires me to carry on my experiments, when friends appreciate :)

  3. Hey! that fish pendant is loveeeeeeeelyyyyyy! Please do a tutorial on your blog. I would love to try it out.

  4. Hey! my previous comment got disappeared I think. The fish pendant is superb!! Can you do a tutorial on metal jewelry making for us?

  5. Motidana, your fish pendant is gorgeous. Dita


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