Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My bracelet Maharani - an inspiration from the bygone Era

bracelet Maharani
A couple of years ago , I happened to come across this beautiful pendant by Amrapali . They specialize in creating the most beautiful jewellery inspired by traditional motifs and designs . Being a great fan of all things traditional and ethnic , I loved it at the first instant .  It was beautiful and in my mind , I started imagining  how I could showcase it in the best possible way .And so I started thinking " Should it be a simple chain added to the pendant , (..too simple for my liking ... I would prefer something more elaborate ....) or should it be a multistrand chain of pearls ?  ( no no .... it has become very common now- a-days ; every other woman seems to be wearing one .). ...." and so my imagination ran but I discarded these ideas one by one . What I wanted was to make the piece different from the usual yet something that was traditional .But since there was no occasion in the near future , I put it away , with a thought of creating something when an occasion did come up .

right angle weave beadwork , ruby beads
             Recently when I was deciding on what to wear for the wedding that was comming up soon , I remembered the pendant and took it out . I just knew what I would make for this beauty! It would be a bracelet and not a necklace as I was planning earlier. It would be something to match my necklace and earrings that were bought some time ago from Amrapali . I had`nt purchased anything for my hand as I had already overshot my budget buying that lovely necklace .

beaded bracelet

 So using left over  ruby beads that I have used in my earlier  Mahalakshmi Necklace. , I created this bracelet . The RAW is fairly easy to do , but anchoring the pendant to the beads took a little bit of adjusting . I wanted the piece secure so that it would not dangle and get caught in my saree .

bracelet beaded

magnetic clasps on a bracelet

adding the clasps was a bit of a dilemma but I have settled for magnetic clasps  and outlined the the RAW with fresh water pearls .  The pearl border not only outlines the piece but also acts as a protection to the pendant .

                                             Princess Krishna Kumari of Marwar and Jodhpur.
                                              photo courtsey http://vintageindia.tumblr.com/page/5

And as for naming this piece .... I think Maharani  would be the perfect name for it ... specially since I happened to see this beautiful photo ,after creating my bracelet ,  much to my surprise and amazement ! ( was my imagination  a reality some years ago ?? )
  A beautiful reminder of the bygone era ! Isn`t it ?


motidana .


  1. Looks absolutely stunning! You should put up simple tutorials on your blog. Would love to learn how to make them myself :)

    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway with some amazing prizes on my blog http://munniofalltrades.blogspot.in/2013/11/a-fantabulously-fantastic-giveaway.html. Hope you participate!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Khushboo ! I am planning to put up tutorials soon , so do visit again . And thanks for the link to your blog.

  2. Amazing creation by you! It is very beautiful!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes indeed . It turned out better than I imagined

  4. You have taken some simple beads and a beautiful pendant and converted it into a bracelet that is fit for a queen (you) :)

    1. Thanks Divya. Amrapali does make the most beautiful jewellery and the beadind has very effectively created a nice backdrop to enhance that !

  5. This is soooo Beautiful ... and love the way you created n inserted the locket neatly..I agree with you maharani title is apt for this.. Love it. :)

    1. Thanks Radhika . After I stumbled across the picture I could think of no other name for this piece . It had to be - Maharani

  6. SO exquisite. The princess looks glamorous in the jewellry
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  7. A really beautiful design!! And Maharani is the perfect name.


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