Friday, October 25, 2013

Some more Ganesha Pendants !

Here are a couple of pendants from my Ganesha collection .

coral Ganesha , gold pendant with coral , hand carved coral

This one I have created using pearls , gold foil beads , jade green malachite beads ,and carved coral Ganesha idol. I thought it would make a lovely focal piece for my coral mangalsutra that I have made for my previous post  " Another Treasure from the Sea - Creations in  coral " ( here ) . So I thought of  re-stringingthe necklace and add the newly created pendant in the center........... but after uploading the picture I realized that the beading wire that I had used is visible where I had joined a new one and that will not do !  . And so ......... I have decided to make it again .

And in this one though the center Ganesh  idol is identical , I used a different technique to make the necklace. I love collecting Ganesha`s and since I had three idols of same size I decided that I would use all three in different ways to create jewellery .

ganeshji , vinayak , pearl and coral pendant .

designer coral pendant

 Somehow the combination of lusturous pearls , coral ,  and gold really looked good together and so I made this one , using bead weaving technique slightly different from the first one . And I made the  loop  big enough to go through a gold chain .
  My plan was to complete the entire collection for Ganesh Chaturthi but I was slow in completing these two pieces as I was working on another designer  necklace that I will be posting soon .

 Till then ciao ! and do pen  in a few words about these latest pendants ,and , drop by for the new statement piece that I will be showcasing soon !



  1. Stunning creations!
    Are they up for sale?

  2. Thanks Indrani . These are for my personal collection but I do sometimes take orders from my close friends .

  3. stunning I so admire your talent creating jewellery

  4. Love the first one...the link to the coral necklace post you are talking about is broken...thought of informing you

  5. Oh ; thanks Divya for commenting and also for informing me about the broken link !

  6. nice jewellery. what motivates you?

    1. Everything around , motivates me ! From Nature, to colors , art , paintings , everything is beautiful !


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