Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shimmer-n-shine Shisha necklace

peacock necklace . peacock feathers , unique jewellery ,вышивка шиша

 Here`s another necklace using the Shisha mirror as the focal from my Shimmering shisha collection here . The mirrorwork embroidery is slightly different from the previous one and the necklace too has different embellishments.

Indian embroidery , mirrorwork embroidery

 Lusturous royal blue medallion is surrounded with faceted crystal and embellished with beads. The vintage brass flowers scattered around are enhancing the peacock feathers that I have added to give it a royal look. The  metal flowers are backed with silk fabric to keep the look distinct yet subtle . An antique finish chain , and a toggle clasp complete the necklace .
peacock feather jewellery

  Though the materials I have used do speak for themselves , I have added a fringe of antique chain and iridescent glass beads that shimmer and shine with movement .

unique jewellery , statement necklace , silk fabric flowers

Indian embroidery, unique jewellery

       A perfect depiction of the beautiful Peacock ! Don`t you agree?

I have tried my best to capture the shimmering colors in these photos and hence the lusturous silk back ground . 

So what do you think of this one ? Don`t you agree that the Peacock is nature`s most unique inspiration?

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  1. one word describes this necklace BEAUTIFUL

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Zooni for liking this one and commenting.

  3. totally couture, I can imagine this necklace on the cover page of any international magazine

    1. Yes , it did turn out bigger than I expected after I assembled everything . Thanks for stopping by Divya.

  4. Your work is divine! This piece is absolutely amazing. Very cool to use a mirror - love that! Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)

    1. Glad you liked my work and thanks a lot for stopping by ! :)


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