Thursday, August 1, 2013

Necklace - `Deep Sea Treasures`

jewellery with shells

statement jewellery
While  making my necklace Samudra , I struck upon the idea to make another necklace , a more formal one this time , inspired by the Sea . Since the components I had were more or less off white in color and natural , I decided on using one of the shells from my collection as the focal piece  . It was easy to choose the simple white one from the lot , as it had the thinnest shell , (which would make my task of drilling a hole quite easy or so I thought)

inspired by the sea ,necklace , MOP

But drilling a hole into the shell proved to be quite an ardous task as I did not have a proper drill . Making do with the bead reamer that I had , I carefully cracked the shell with the tip of the reamer , praying it would not be damaged , as it was a new one that I had got recently . Carefully widening the hole and making it round I inserted the metal chain and created the tassel using vintage glass leaves , mother of pearl , and crystal beads , along with pearls.

mother of pearl ,classic jewellery , vintage

     It was fun to make the tassel as I desperately need to perfect my wire wrapping skills and this task would give me that chance .  To add a touch of  drama , I added the clasp not at the back , but in front . It would also serve the purpose of  holding and balancing the heavy tasseled shell .

 And so , here`s my newest necklace  Deep Sea Treasures . I hope you have as much fun reading this post as much as I had creating this , as I now feel slightly more confident of using mixed media in my jewellery creations !

Do drop in a line as always , it means a lot to me !

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  1. I love this one; makes a real statement

  2. Thanks Divya . It`s fun trying out new (to me ) jewellery making techniques !

  3. it reminds me that it is time for some vacation

    1. Thanks for looking Guna . Yes , what you say is true . Vacations are always associated with most beautiful memories .

  4. wow! jewelry like Anthropologie. I love shell jewel, you have beautifully designed it.

    1. Thanks for appreciating Daffy ! Shell jewellery has a beauty of it`s own . The lovely luster of the shells brings out the beauty of most pieces.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting . Always look forward to your visits and comments .

  6. This is so beautiful . Love the sea theme
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  7. This is fantastic!!! every detail of it is so beautiful...

    Waiting to see more of it..

    Much Admiration

    Colour, Paper, Glue and Scissor (

  8. You are very artistic and creative. I like the designs and your latest deep sea treasure is beautiful.

  9. I should have shared my blog link. Maybe you will enjoy seeing some of the things I do.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your blog link . Your creations are wonderful, especially the crochet and bead necklaces !


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