Sunday, February 10, 2013

A netted Bracelet, my latest WIP

netting stitch in seed beads
Here`s a netted bracelet that I have made using seed beads. I have been trying to  learn different  stitches to help me widen my beading skills and hence I created this bracelet. The  first try at netting stitch was a miserable failure as no matter how much I tried , the net would`nt open up unless I pulled it . ( don`t know what is wrong in this one ) .

netted bracelet

Now all it needs is a closure , a bead one I think , to finish it off . ........And of course some embellishment on the top , something to brighten the simple bracelet. But of course , that will be only after I finish admiring the net !

What do you think ? how should I embellish it? any ideas?



  1. super...why dont you try a bigger pearl for closure. do you subscribe to beading daily? They have lots of resources and free ebooks for bead weaving, netting maybe you would find the solution for ur problem there

    1. Thanks Divya. Yes I do suscribe to Beading Daily and other forums too. Have got lot of inspirations and primers from them. And will definitely put a pearl closure for the bracelet. Thanks once again for the suggestion

  2. Great work ! I am enjoying your posts.


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