Friday, January 18, 2013

My latest WIP - The Ghau necklace completed.

 As posted earlier , I had to complete the necklace for the Ghau for  a custom order. As my  friend had requested  that she wanted something simple , and to wear for festive occassions only , I stuck to simple stringing technique . But to highlight the beauty of the pendant , I have added beaded beads that I made , using off white seed beads and coral beads ,  along with the lime green glass beads and golden cut-and- faceted glass beads . As she had some fresh water pearls , I added these interspersed with green jade beads that she also had.

Trinket box or Prayer box pendant

So this is the total assembly of the necklace .

the Himalayan Ghau  with freshwater pearls and handmade beads

What do you think?

Do write in, as , like always will be waiting for a response ,



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