Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unique Jewelry Finds - My Lampwork Charm Necklace

 With Christmas round the corner , I think my blog post should be a subject appropriate for the festive season . All  the  blogworld friends are busy with penning posts related to the season. And reading all the cheering and inspiring posts I too am in a mood to go along with the theme of Christmas.

lampwork charms , christmas

   This season has brought back memories of the day I had visited an exhibition almost a decade ago .  I noticed a stall that was empty of any shoppers while others were brimming with buyers . On going closer I found a young  lampwork glass maker from Firozabad near Delhi . But handmade glass being slightly pricey , there were no buyers at the stall .  Along  with all the glass bangles that he was selling were also bits of broken glass that he was moulding to make small artefacts .  Fascinated to see his deft fingers moving to create lovely minitaure toys , I stopped by . Seeing my interest , he coaxed me into buying something . And so I requested him to make these beautiful charms for a christmas tree I intended making for my son.

But  when I first learnt stringing , the charms ended up in a necklace instead!  It was made impromptu for a friends Christmas party that I attended. Since the dress code was christmas , I didnt have a very appropriate dress and so I made this necklace with lampwork charms that I had bought  ............................................................................. and  it was an instant hit at the party that night . I even got a prize for it that day!

what fun it was to string these little charms along with the beads that I had.
Christmas jewellery
I found the perfect use for leftover single beads as they matched perfectly with the charms
notice the gingerbread man and the cute candy cane charm.

Cute lampwork elves
                          and don`t miss these tiny Santa earrings , made to go with the necklace

Well , what do you think? Don`t you love  those little charms deftly created by a local craftsman ? And am I not the lucky one to have bought them ? I thank him with all my heart for giving me these li`l beauties to make a unique necklace!!!!!!!!!

Wishing You Very Merry Christmas !



  1. yes you are a lucky girl you have certainly made a beautiful necklace out of these beautifully made minature glass pieces.

    1. Thank you Margaret,

      Wish you a very happy christmas with lots of good wishes and cheer.

  2. These are beautiful and truly unique and its great that you have preserved them well...I remember the first time I saw a glass blower (in VGP as a kid). It was just clear glass but I was fascinated. unfortunately I broke one of the glass earrings of the pair I bought from him the same day

    1. Yes , these are unique, specially as I found them in India, where lamp work of this kind is still at a nascent stage. It was truly fascinating to watch him make each one according to what I told him right in front of my eyes ! I felt like a kid in a candy store , watching with glee as he turned my request into reality ! Though I did feel bad that I did not get him to make more and the two little angels he made got their wings broken over the years.
      I wish his talent too got appreciated and someone else would have recognized his potential

  3. Forgive me ...I have only just found your wonderful blog and am going back in time to your older entries . I am blown away by the beauty of these gorgeous charm beads ! What a talented young man ! So glad that you bought them and have shared them with all of us .

    1. Thank you Daisy. Glad you liked the Necklace :)


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