Monday, November 26, 2012

Rani Haar - The Queens Necklace

Jewellery has a  great significance  in  the life of every  Indian .  Traditional Indian Jewellery dates back to an era of Royalty and Maharajas . Though the techniques of making jewellery are vast and varied in this country , the traditional designs are still popular among the Indian brides.
 Be it a family heirloom or a new purchase the Indian bride is resplendent with all the  finery , looking like a Royal Princess on her wedding day !

 Taking inspiration from the traditional haveli`s of Rajasthan ( the royal dwellings ) , I have created this Rani Haar  literally meaning  - The Queen`s Necklace .

intricately carved jharokhas of Jaiselmer in Rajasthan
basing my design on the carved windows or Jharokhas ; in other words  a viewing gallery which I used as my focal theme . 

making the central chain

lacy beadwork
adding the line of scallops

tried to see how the pendant would look

pearl and bead netting , seed pearl , vintage pearl necklace,perles dentelle
completed the outer lines and added the topaz drops in the fringe

Since gold is considered as auspicious (   the hindus regard Gold as a  symbol of the warm sun , ) I have used seed beads , rubies emerald beads   ,  drop shaped Topaz and a gold pendant from Gujarat 

beaded lace, refashioned jewellery, Indian jewellery of pearls,

intricate pearl weaving, bead woven lace, made in India

Here`s the completed Rani Haar . Do you think it captures the essence of the royal havelis of Rajasthan?

looking forward to your comments

motidana .


  1. a lovely necklace you have created here and the building is amazing so much detail and very ornate.

    1. Thanks Margaret .Will be posting other pics soon.

  2. Looks amazing. Hope I get to see it sometime.

  3. Thanks Jasma , You will get to see it soon I think!

  4. you amaze me with your jewelry. everything that I have seen of yours drives me to try and do more with mine.


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