Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Redesigning my Unique Jewelry finds -Ostrich eggshell bead necklace

 In my earlier post , I have written about how I was over the moon when I discovered beads made from Ostrich eggshell. Not only was the material something new for me , but also the fact that it was made with  something comming from an Ostrich was a pleasent surprise.
  As cited in my earlier posts , rare , offbeat and unique things always fascinate me , and comming from a bird , which I only seen in picture books and films made me buy it. At the same time , I wanted to wear something different from anyone else purchasing the same , so I decided to add my own personal touch to it.

I have added an old ivory hair clip as a pendant ,on which I have attached a glass cabochon in red just to add colour and  make it striking .

Project completed, I am now waiting for the occassion when I can wear this set and keep my friends guessing as to what  it`s made from !

 ( Kindly note  : The necklace displayed here is created by the crafts artists from  Namibia ,  http://www.omba.org.na/ , and  I have only added the pendant for my own personal use.  )

Note: If you like this blog post, you should read its first part located here:


  1. I am sure your friends will be envious of your necklace.

  2. oooo this can be made! I am quite intrigued in first place and of course the necklace is very pretty!


    1. Thank you Richa . The pretty necklace got even better now ! A favourite in my collection .

  3. very creative and nice :) beautiful necklace :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words Deepa !


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