Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I`m surrounded by beads !

My interest in beads started ever since I was a little kid . Looking back , I realize , it  is just a continuation of  what I grew up admiring , ever since I remember.
 Growing up among a huge extended family , each day was spent in celebration of festivals , auspicious occassions and rituals. Culturally too , belonging to a community where the family deity is worshipped , and daily pujas carried out , I stll remember the days when I looked at my little " Baal gopal`s ` wardrobe and jewellery  (not more than a rupee in size ), fascinated by the intricacy each " mukut " (crown) or mala ( neck lace ) had ! And each day the tiny idol had a daily change of  all the little clothes and accessories !  Fascinated by the different designs and  patterns , I would hold the little pieces of jewellery in my palm , trying to figure how each piece had been worked out .
  And believe me , each piece is uniquely different from another : a fact that still amazes me till today !

Look at the few pieces I have in my collection for my Baal Gopal
bal gopal
A picture of all the little accessories , complete with intricate bead embroidery , each piece not more than a centimeter in size !!
moti ke shringaar
A picture of  Lakshmi Narayan adorned with a beautiful "mukut " in bead embroidery

marble idol of Lakshmi Narayan

(this  photo courtesy :  www.facebook.com/brajwasi.in )
 Some more interesting titbits in my next post soon !

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  1. I remember the first time I saw such tiny jewelry..they are so beautiful


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